What Our Clients Say

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and physio has been marvellous.  The nursing staff really exceptional.  I really feel all is perfect and would if the occasion arose, definitely recommend they stay here.”
– Mrs G, July 2019

“I absolutely LOVE it!  I hope I never need to come again, but if I do, at least I know where to come!
– Mrs C-J, July 2019

“I have nothing but praise for your team here.  A big thank you.  They are kind, courteous, humorous, encouraging, wise – a splendid effort.  I shall recommend this clinic throughout Oxfordshire
– Mrs W, July 2019

“I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my recovery.  You have given me the confidence to go home and start to enjoy life again.
– Mrs B, April 2019

A very good post-operative centre.  Much thought has been given to a wide clientele.  Wonderful comfy bed.”
– Mrs W-B, March 2019

“Very warm, friendly place. Professional and compassionate care. My individual needs well met and my comfort has been high on staff agendas.  I’ve benefitted so much from my stay. I have needed looking after and have been so pleased with all the help I have received. Food choices and quality has been excellent.  You have a super place here. It really feels like you all work as part of the team – not as separate entities, that definitely enhances my patient experience.
– Mrs B, February 2019

“One of tranquillity peace and helpfulness – extremely well run.  Everything was a delight and very comforting.  I came in a nervous wreck and left mended!  I shall recommend it highly to everyone.”
– Mr K Perris, November 2018

“As I have told both the senior doctors who recommended Lynden Hill Clinic, I would give this an “A” on all fronts.”
– Mr P, 17 October 2018

“The clinic is run very smoothly, the catering excellent.  All of the staff have been very respectful and I would recommend the clinic to my friends and clients.”
– Mrs F, 22 August 2018

“An excellent facility, I am so glad I came. Excellent value I would recommend to anyone. Made me feel like a million dollars whilst healing!”
– Mrs P, July 2016

“I am delighted I came to the clinic after my knee replacement. The expert care and attention, gave me the confidence to move on to get mobile. The extra week was invaluable. The physio first class. Thank you”
– Mrs G, July 2016

“Extremely well looked after which has aided my rehabilitation much more quickly than if I had gone straight home from hospital.  Good, well run clinic—keep doing what you are doing.”
– Mrs B, July 2016

“Would not hesitate in recommending to friends.”
– Mrs C, July 2016

“The perfect place to come to get over an operation.  Excellent treatment.  A calm peaceful and happy atmosphere and beautifully looked after.”
– Mrs SB, 2015

“One of the most valuable gifts in life is good health.  Unfortunately, illness, strokes, accidents and old age can change this situation in an instance, we then need urgent advice and specialist treatment.  In particular, if we have suffered broken bones, joint replacement or strokes the need for specialist treatment and after care is paramount and the sooner the better, particularly so if a stroke has been involved as this can lead to permanent disability  Additionally, best advice by specialists in this area, suggests that we have up to two years to regain reasonable recovery of the affected limbs

Having been the victim of the above which coincided with a slow healing hip replacement, my wife and I found ourselves in desperate need of such a specialist facility, within easy reach.  After considerable searching my wife  identified Lynden Hill Clinic, Kiln Green on the A4 beyond Burchetts Green.

The standard of all aspects of care, accommodation and supported by highly trained and friendly staff, complemented by excellent hydrotherapy and physiotherapy facilities, is almost certainly unbeatable and with proven track record.  All this in quiet and peaceful surroundings can hardly be bettered and we unreservedly recommend the facility.”
– Mr & Mrs Shannon, July 2019

“Excellent both in therapies and in aftercare.  Very comfortable and helpful – could not recommend highly enough.”
– Mrs G, April 2019

“Extremely efficient, lovely atmosphere and very effective rehabilitation. This is a second stay for me. Wonderful food.”
– Mrs L, February 2019

“Amazing staff in all areas, very caring, very respectful of privacy, excellent care without this I would not be as far in my recovery as I am.”
– Mrs S, January 2019

“Lovely caring staff.  Good Food.  Relaxing Atmosphere.  Thank you!”
– Mr J Crawley, November 2018

“To come to Lynden Hill was one of the best ideas I have had and worth every penny.  I had a major operation and since I live alone, needed the reassurance and experience of Lynden Hill.  Lynden Hill has a lovely atmosphere.  From the moment I arrived I knew that I had done the right thing in coming here.  At the end of the week I felt stronger and more able to cope at home.”
– Mrs M, 22 September 2018

“My experiences have been and continue to be, of a welcoming staff, a very caring nursing staff and superb physiotherapy. This continues to make the road to recovery and re-habilitation a rewarding one whether it be physical or from illness.   The entire staff from Reception, dining room waiters, household, treatment centre and management a great team which is very special. The food is delicious!   A very important aspect is that you never feel “lonely” here but you can also socialise and meet other patients (some of them have become friends) who come from all over the UK to aid their recovery.   I am so grateful to everyone for helping me to recover during the last 2 years from pneumonia, severe back pain and now a “new” knee replacement.”
– Lady Sheila Fitzgerald, March 2017

“I find again that the staff are exceptional and happy in their profession. I arrive quite poorly — their endless care my health improves.”
– Mrs P, July 2016

“Great love and kindness shown at all times.  Many thanks.  Will mention Lynden Hill to all who need your wonderful service.”
– Mrs F, July 2016

“A delightful oasis.  Friendly atmosphere and helpful staff.”
– Mrs O, June 2016

“Thank you all for a wonderful caring 2 weeks.  I feel ready to face the world again and you have restored my faith in human nature.  Thanks to everyone.”
– Mrs R, 2015

“All aspects of the clinic are excellent.  The care, attention and therapies are second to none.  Lynden Hill is the perfect “bridge” between hospital and home,  I have felt very safe and secure here.”
– Mrs D, 2015

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