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“I had to have a full right hip replacement and as I live on my own, I was terrified of being on my own. So, I decided to go to the Lynden Hill Clinic where friends of mine had been – it was the best decision I have ever made! Really, the physio team members headed up by Sarah were brilliant! I had two physio sessions a day and if anyone reading this is in any doubt, please do it! The physios just give you the confidence to pursue your recovery. Secondly, the nursing staff are just incredible; so caring and so incredibly friendly and just, yes, so caring! As for the food, well, every meal time was a total joy and a discovery! You have to order your meals a day in advance; well, no-one could ever remember what they’d ordered so every day was a “oooh, gosh, I didn’t know I’d ordered that!” And the food was delicious!! Prosecco Sunday was fab! Not sure it goes that well with pain killers but hey, who cares! Seriously, I promise that going to the Lynden Hill Clinic was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life (after deciding to have a hip replacement!). You will not be disappointed; the care and attention provided was amazing and I’m a harsh judge. All of the staff were brilliant and it’s all about you and your recovery! If you are going to undergo major surgery then I can think of no better place to go than Lynden Hill. I actually extended my stay! And, they also arranged for me to be picked up from the Parkside in Wimbledon where I’d had my op and driven to Lynden Hill – it couldn’t have been easier. So, if you wish to recuperate in a safe, lovely, and caring environment, Lynden Hill Clinic is the place!”

Mrs Alison Janet Sowersby, August 2023
“It is easy to give Lynden Hill full marks for staff, cuisine, physiotherapy, location and cleanliness but that would only scratch the surface of this healing sanctuary. I was a professional athlete my entire career and have rehabilitated more times than I can count but have never experienced the perfection Lynden Hill and its team exposed me to. For two weeks, every task except for focusing on my body and its recovery from a full knee replacement, was handled by the director, front desk staff, attendants, nurses, waiters, physical therapists and masseuse. They operated as a synchronized and seamless team to take care of me. All in an atmosphere of peace and calm, transmitting a true happiness I have rarely seen or felt. It allowed me to transcend into a place of full trust and freedom to let my body do the work of deep healing, completely void of stress. In my mind there is no greater miracle than what I experienced at Lynden Hill – the harmony of letting the body heal on its own terms, without interference from this busy life.”
Mr Craig Adkins, August 2023
“I stayed at Lynden Hill Clinic for three weeks following a fall where I broke both my femurs. I was in hospital for a week and then transferred to Lynden Hill. The facilities were amazing, more akin to a luxury country hotel where one had two half hour sessions of intensive physiotherapy a day. Both the staff and physiotherapists were amazing, incredibly friendly and helpful and my improvement was superb. I arrived barely able to walk but after three weeks was walking comfortably on crutches and able to climb stairs so that I was able to go home with confidence. I also thoroughly enjoyed my stay it was more like being on holiday than being in a clinic. the surroundings are so beautiful and the food delicious. I also enjoyed some pampering sessions in the spa.”
Linda Cohen, August 2023

“I stopped at the clinic fo a week after my hip replacement. My stay was excellent, the staff were very friendly and nothing was a problem for them. Two sessions of physio a day certainly speeded up my recovery. The food was lovely and one evening my daughter came for a meal with me.”

G Tyler, April 2023

“My stay at Lynden Hill was exactly what I needed following my operation. A week of excellent care and relaxation in fabulous surroundings. The daily physio sessions ensured that my rehabilitation started quickly and consistently. I must also mention the fabulous food and choice thereof which made my stay feel more like a hotel trip than rehab.”

M Raftery, February 2023

“I recently spent a week at Lynden Hill following a full hip replacement. I cannot find the words to express my satisfaction, praise and gratitude to every single member of staff. The facilities are outstanding, the individual care and concern was exceptional, the physios – and I had three different ones – superlative, the food worthy of a Star! Nothing was too much trouble. I could go on. I’m due for a new knee next, so I’ll be back. Thank you!”

J Turner, January 2023

“I wanted to write to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Lynden Hall who made such an impact on my recovery. I suffered a back fracture following a slip and fall at home and whilst consider myself a young and fit 52 year old, was in no condition to manage at home on discharge from hospital. With the excellent care, nutrition, support and physio from the team, in 10 days I progressed from only being able to transfer from bed to chair to being able to walk a circuit of the grounds. I’ve continued on this trajectory since leaving you and my spinal consultant comments that my recovery has been ‘remarkable’, which we both attribute to your care and therapy.

A huge thank you to the entire team, your clinic is very special and I feel very lucky to have been able to benefit from staying with you.”

A Holland, November 2022
“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated and enjoyed, my week at the clinic. The main purpose, of course, was the intensive course of physiotherapy, but whatever their role in the clinic, I found the staff kind, friendly, and for whom nothing was too much trouble. I should particularly mention the excellent work of the chef and his team; and the gardener, watering during that hot weather to keep the plants looking so good. The physios have given me a good start in getting back to normal, and I cannot thank them highly enough. “
Mr J Tate, July 2022
“I thought my whole stay with you was wonderful. I was looked after from the minute I arrived until I left AND was sorry to leave. All the staff, nursing and others were terrific. All pleasant, smiling and caring. The kitchen staff too were excellent as though nothing was too much trouble. A special mention for the amazing Physiotherapy staff. The taxi drivers both ways too we’re excellent. “
Mr R Kohn, July 2022
“Please tell all that I was so well and caringly looked after and am most grateful.”
Mr F Rose, May 2022
“I really appreciate the setting of the charming house. Waking in the morning to the beautiful trees and birdsong is very restorative. The staff are very kind, gentle and caring. The food is delicious, and my physio was excellent.”
Mrs C Grocholska, May 2022
“My stay at Lynden Hill Clinic was all I could have hoped for. It really got me started on the road to recovery and it was the greatest fun, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was brilliantly looked after, thank you.”
Mr C Tiarks, April 2022
“My stay at Lynden Hill was invaluable. Every member of staff was friendly, helpful and courteous. Of course it was great to be waited on and looked after so well, but it was the fabulous physio team that really made my stay so wonderful.”
Mrs Hilton, March 2022
“This is my second stay at Lynden Hill Clinic. I chose to return here because of the beautiful grounds, friendly and caring staff and characterful Grade II listed building.”
Mrs Samuelson, March 2022
“There is a lovely atmosphere of kindness and concern.”
Mrs Gavaghan, March 2022
“I just wanted to thank you so very much for looking after Mum so brilliantly. Take care and stay safe”.
Mrs S, January 2021
“Thank you to you and everyone at the clinic for looking after my mum so well!”.
Mr I, December 2020
“We would like to thank you and your team for your amazing hospitality and care in looking after Mr R. He thoroughly enjoyed his stay, including the care and the healing environment. Please pass our gratitude to all your team members for their support and care.”
Mr S, July 2020
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and physio has been marvellous. The nursing staff really exceptional. I really feel all is perfect and would if the occasion arose, definitely recommend they stay here.”
Mrs G, July 2019
“I absolutely LOVE it! I hope I never need to come again, but if I do, at least I know where to come!”
Mrs C-J, July 2019
“I have nothing but praise for your team here. A big thank you. They are kind, courteous, humorous, encouraging, wise – a splendid effort. I shall recommend this clinic throughout Oxfordshire”
Mrs W, July 2019
“I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my recovery. You have given me the confidence to go home and start to enjoy life again.”
Mrs G, July 2019
“A very good post-operative centre. Much thought has been given to a wide clientele. Wonderful comfy bed.”
Mrs C-J, July 2019
“Very warm, friendly place. Professional and compassionate care. My individual needs well met and my comfort has been high on staff agendas. I’ve benefitted so much from my stay. I have needed looking after and have been so pleased with all the help I have received. Food choices and quality has been excellent. You have a super place here. It really feels like you all work as part of the team – not as separate entities, that definitely enhances my patient experience.”
Mrs B, February 2019
“One of tranquillity peace and helpfulness – extremely well run. Everything was a delight and very comforting. I came in a nervous wreck and left mended! I shall recommend it highly to everyone.”
Mr K Perris, November 2018
“As I have told both the senior doctors who recommended Lynden Hill Clinic, I would give this an “A” on all fronts.”
Mr P, 17 October 2018
“The clinic is run very smoothly, the catering excellent. All of the staff have been very respectful and I would recommend the clinic to my friends and clients.”
Mrs F, 22 August 2018
“An excellent facility, I am so glad I came. Excellent value I would recommend to anyone. Made me feel like a million dollars whilst healing!”
Mrs P, July 2016
“I am delighted I came to the clinic after my knee replacement. The expert care and attention, gave me the confidence to move on to get mobile. The extra week was invaluable. The physio first class. Thank you”
Mrs B, July 2016
“Would not hesitate in recommending to friends.”
Mrs C, July 2016

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