Physiotherapy at Lynden Hill Clinic

Lynden Hill Clinic provides specialist physiotherapy treatment for orthopaedic and neurological conditions, amongst others, in our purpose built rehabilitation gym.

Our patients are given a full assessment on arrival, providing a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Our physiotherapists work to improve joint range of movement, increase muscle strength and reduce pain. For conditions such as strokes, we encourage patients to focus on re-learning movements and sensations that have been lost.

Why Do I Need Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists have specialist knowledge in many specific clinical areas but are also able to provide basic exercise programmes to strengthen balance and mobility for anyone who feels their abilities have recently deteriorated. This may be a particular area of pain or stiffness or a more global reduction in ease of normal activities of daily living.

Following a change in circumstances or after a recent hospital stay, many people choose the clinic for a period of intensive rehabilitation to ease the transition from hospital to home.

Will Physiotherapy Help Me?

Our physiotherapists will recommend exercises designed to improve your movement and strength. These will usually need to be repeated regularly over a set period of time. Advice will also be given to help increase or maintain your physical activity to help aid your recovery.

We have a wide scope of expertise which includes orthopaedic, neurological, cardio respiratory and conditions of the elderly. Mobility aids are available if required.


All are welcome to the physiotherapy department for assessment for both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment, even if you are not staying at the clinic. Many patients who have received therapies whilst staying at the clinic, return for review and treatment from home as outpatients.


We are open 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday (excluding bank holidays).