Transparent Pricing Plan

At Lynden Hill we pride ourselves on giving our patients total peace of mind during their stay with us. Our inclusive daily rate reflects this with our simple and transparent price plan listed below, leaving you free to fully enjoy your stay at Lynden Hill.

Our fixed-rate room fee of £330 per day includes:

  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • Broadband WiFi
  • Sky Television

  • Fine Dining
  • Room Service
  • UK Telephone Calls

Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy Costs

New patient consultation & treatment 30 mins
Following physiotherapy treatments 30 mins
Following hydrotherapy treatments 30 mins


To Secure A Room

A deposit of £1650 is required to cover your first five days’ accommodation with us. This is a refundable deposit and can be reallocated if your arrival date is changed or your operation is cancelled.