Rehabilitation at Lynden Hill Clinic

In some instances, due to complex medical conditions or following surgery, a period of rehabilitation may be beneficial. While many people go home from hospital following surgery, a heart attack or a stroke, for some, additional support from qualified Nurses, carers and Physiotherapists is an important part of recovery.

Establishing and achieving goals for rehabilitation is an on-going process. With the direct additional support for you and your family in those early days, we can help provide the confidence to achieve the planned goals and speed up the recovery process.

Our person-centred approach means that everyone is always treated as an individual and treated with respect.¬†Individualised Care Plans are based on an assessment of the individual’s needs, and regular reviews will ensure that they are constantly being updated and all needs are fully met.

The Physiotherapist and staff will ensure that the goals for your rehabilitation are realistic and achievable, and can be continued when returning home.

Rehabilitation in the gardens